Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Sick Rose - No Need For Speed

Luca Re’s Sick Rose has been rocking and rolling for a number of decades now, with many different permutations and with a number of different styles. Luca has a wide range of tastes in music – all of it damn good – though has always had a foot in the garage world, whether he was playing straight classic 60’s garage, as he did when the band started in the mid-80’s, harder punk’n’roll or his current obsession, power pop. Re consistently has fine taste, great songwriting and a rockin’ voice. His singing has only improved over the years and he sounds better than ever now.

This disc combines all that is good in power pop – especially the “power”! Edgy, ringing guitars, hard-hitting drums, drivin’ bass and Luca’s catchy melodies and cool lyrics riding over the top of it all. These tunes will stick with you long after the CD is over. It’s hard to pick out a specific highlight, cuz it’s all good, but the single/video “Before You Go” is pretty exceptional (the video is included on the disc)!

Luca is aided and abetted by: Diego Mese: Guitars, Valter Bruno: Bass, Alberto Fratucelli: Drums, backing Vocals and the fab Giorgio Cappellaro (ex-Mouseblasters): Guitars, backing Vocals. I’ve known these cats for decades and consider them to be good friends, but that said, I highly recommend this to anyone who loves fantastic, melodic rock’n’roll!

You'll find the Sick Rose Facebook page here and their official website here.