Saturday, December 01, 2012

The Bogtrotter's Union - the Bunkhouse, Friday November 30, 2012

This was an oddly slow night for a Friday at the Bunkhouse, as my band, the Swamp Gospel, opened to a quite sparse, but enthusiastic, audience. A few fans showed up for second band, Gorillahead, a group of damn nice and talented guys doing what I tend to describe as alternative rock (for lack of a better description) - quite good at what they do and with a singer who can really sing, I wouldn't be surprised if they make a name for themselves in the local scene.

The highlight of the night for me was the Irish-stylings of Bogtrotters Union, a rather large conglomeration consisting of electric guitar, bass, drums, acoustic guitar, mandolin and banjo! Boisterous, in a proper Irish-drinking way, the lads each have their own identities, but join together for a mix of traditional sounds with punk energy. I totally dig the combination of acoustic instruments (though some were buried in the mix a bit this night) with pounding drums (Jeremy Tunender is a smasher!) and Steven Viveros' electric guitar blends with the whole rather than overpowering it. Marshall Lytle is a charismatic frontman & banjoist, Nick Boswell is a talented bassist/vocalist, Kevin Linsley adds nice mandolin and banjo riffs and Steven Sabo kinda holds together the mayhem with his acoustic rhythm guitar. Friendly guys who obviously have a great time on stage and really try to get the audience to have as much fun as they are having! These cats would be great on a bill with my pals, the Shillaly Brothers. Hope to see more of them soon.

Another night showing the diversity of the Vegas music scene and some of the good-hearted & talented people here.