Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Passing Show - the Life and Music of Ronnie Lane

This documentary tracks the life and times of Ronnie Lane in an all-too-brief hour or so, from his time in the Small Faces (featuring some footage that I'd never seen before, as well as some classic cuts), to the Faces to his solo career in Slim Chance, who I was never very familiar with but sounded great here.

Of course, he has friends in high places, from the Stones to Clapton to Townshend and he has done concerts, albums and assorted projects with these cats and all were happy to be interviewed here and, again, there is some great video footage.

Lane's fight with MS is well known, and here is talks about the toil it took on him as well as the work he tried to do to help combat the disease, but was taken in by bad management. Still, he did what he could and continued to make music as long as his body would allow him to.

A very talented man who is often overlooked in the stories of bands and front men who he has helped to create. This makes me miss him more than ever and makes me want to look into more of his solo career. See it if you can!