Saturday, December 01, 2012

recommended gigs

I'm not quite sure how I'm gonna go about doing this or how often I will post things, but I think I want to list what I consider to be worthwhile upcoming gigs, whether or not I get to them myself (I'm old - I can't get to every show I'd like to see). So, for the couple of people who actually look at this blog, I'm going to periodically post gigs for good Vegas bands and touring bands playing in Vegas.

Sunday Dec 2 - Lost Bayiu Ramblers at Vinyl

Wednesday Dec 5 & Friday Dec 7 - ZZ Top - House of Blues

Friday Dec 7 - Thee Swank Bastards at the Bunkhouse with Burning Agrestic & La Vice.
Friday Dec 7 - Crazy Chief at Cowntown Guitars - starting at 6:00pm
Friday Dec 7 - Bogtrotters Union - Double Down Saloon

Saturday Dec 15 - The Swamp Gospel at the Double Down Saloon

Sunday December 16 - The Lucky Cheats and the Blasters at Vinyl

Friday Dec 21 - Thee Mapes - Motor City Cafe

Friday January 4 - The Lucky Cheats with the Delta Bombers - Favorites
Friday January 4 - The Tinglerz at the Bunkhouse

Saturday Jan 26 - The Psyatics at the Bunkhouse

Monday Feb 4 - Nashville Pussy at Las Vegas Country Saloon

Friday February 8 - The Tinglerz at the Double Down with the Swamp Gospel!

I'll add more as I hear about them! Friends - lemme know and I'll list gigs here, for what it's worth!


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