Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Down-Fi - Beehunter

On this 2012 CD/EP only Craig and Sam remain from the previous line-up of Down-Fi and Craig has
moved back to bass and they are joined by Blane Slaven on drums. The sound here is pretty excellent and BIG and the oddly titled "I Am the Muon" comes off as a blend of PIL and RFTT, with some new-wavey keys thrown in to great effect. "Everything Now" is straight punk'n'roll with a cool call'n'response chorus. Power chords with almost a disco drumbeat make up the high energy "Read It and Weep" while "Godot" is pure pop for rock'n'roll people who are not afraid of guitars being let loose on their melodies. Marchin' drums and huge guitars propel "Right Next Time", making a rare political statement.

It sounds like the Down-Fi must have been pretty monstrous live, but no need to weep as now there is Deezen and the DF left behind quality recordings like this one!

(I have found out that the Down-Fi is still active and will have new recordings out soon! Stay tuned!)