Thursday, September 18, 2014

Junior Brown - Junior HIgh

This CD/EP is a 5 song sampling of Junior - not sure the way's or wherefore's of this release, but its a cool little blast of rockin' country.

Once again, "Highway Patrol" appears, and then a steel-guitar-drenched sad ballad, "That's Easy For You To Say", followed by - yes again - "My Wife Thinks You're Dead". More steel playing dominates "Lovely Hula Hands", naturally, and then we get another take on "Sugarfoot Rag" - completely different from the one on Guit With It, but, if anything, even better, with blistering playing, more Hendrix references, and mind-bending sounds! Just way too short!

Yeah, I'm gonna have to get some more from this man - his style is spot-on and the playing is beyond compare! Pick up what ya can!