Saturday, February 14, 2015

Alan Six, Autumn in Stitches - Dive Bar, Friday Feb 13, 2015

Hadn't had a chance yet to see our pals Alan Six, so headed out to the Dive Bar this fine Friday night to check out their early set.

Of course, as these things happen, another band got their even earlier than A6 and set up on stage so they became the opening band by default. Autumn in Stitches is a quite young (too young to hang out in the bar area) group mixing punk/emo/whatever (with the singer ironically wearing a t-shirt that said "I'm So Emo" backwards) with a female member switching from bass to keys. Not my cup of tea musically, I'm afraid, but, seeing as I am at least old enough to be their father, if not grandfather, I probably shouldn't dig what they're doing!

Alan Six is a simple, Ramones-y punk rock band with red-faced Dave Post (Boy Scout guitarist for Thee Mapes) on drums, his lovely wife Adrienne on bass and lead vocals and guitarist Lance. Unfortunately, I was too busy drinking to take any notes, but they are fun, Adrienne can really sing and they are damn nice people. Check 'em out!