Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Keith Richards - Under the Influence (Netflix Documentary)

This is a fun, new doc, originating due to Keith's new solo album (Crosseyed Heart) where film maker Morgan Neville gets Keith to simply chat about basically everything - the new record, the way he likes to record, his dedication to the Stones, his autobiography, and especially his immense love of music of all sorts - blues, of course, but also country and reggae and more. There is some very cool older footage of Keith with the Stones, Keith in Jamaica, with Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf, filming and playing with Chuck Berry and plenty extra.

I have not heard the new record at this time - and I'm not sure if I would like all of it and it seems to jump all over the place, which isn't unusual for someone who likes so much different music - but his band is pretty smokin' in the footage here - guitarist Waddy Wachtel is particularly tasteful is his Stonesy playing. Keith does show off some fine finger-pickin' and piano playin' but seems to be concentrating on rhythm more than leads, not that he likes to distinguish such things as much as some of us do.

In any case, this is entertaining and shows Keith is a relaxed situation and truly highlights his love for music and the fact that he is certainly not yet ready to retire, despite admitting that he has thought about it. Absolutely worth checking out!