Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Swamp Gospel, Chuckwagon Experience, Lazy Stalkers at the Double Down, Saturday Sept, 12, 2015

Yes, my band, the Swamp Gospel played this show and it was another fun time at the Double Down Saloon. We saved some souls, drank some strychnine, and even had a topless dancer! Thank you Nikki and Charles for the pix!

(Swamp Gospel photos by Niukki Ruffling) 

(Swamp Gospel topless dancer photos by Charles Woods)

Gotta admit, there has to be something to be said for someone who is not afraid to loudly and proudly proclaim in front of a bar full of people that he is a complete and total moronic (though reasonably good-natured) ass. Of course, his equally drunken friends kept egging him on, so this was probably not the first time. Did give us something to play off of, though, and I did try to exorcise his demons - unfortunately, it did not work. 

Following the Gospel was the Chuckwagon Experience, featuring Paul French, ex-of my old buddies Tiger Sex, on guitar. By the large equipment and dress style, I thought we were going to be in for a set of punk/metal, and there was an element of that, but was pleasantly surprised by their set of mostly surf-oriented instrumentals. Dick Dale, Link Wray and more were covered and there were equally compelling originals. The guitar sound was occasionally a bit metallic (kinda like Agent Orange would do), but the playing was all exceptional and the show was cool'n'fun. Worth seeing, fer shure!

The Lazy Stalkers are a female-led punk rock trio of damn nice people and fine players who got the crowd up and dancin' with their frantic rock'n'roll, but I'm afraid by this time, I had imbibed in a bit of Ass Juice and quite a bit of strychnine, and did not take notes, so I can't give more details of their set, other than it was a good time!

As always, thanks to the Double Down for a diverse night of good time rock'n'roll!