Thursday, November 12, 2015

recommended gigs

Thursday Nov 12 - the Unwieldies with the Part Time Criminals at the Velveteen Rabbit
Thursday Nov 12 - TV Party at the Double Down with the Pluralses

Friday Nov 13 - the Super Zeroes with Kreepmyme and Agent 86 at Legends

Saturday Nov 14 - Water Landing and the All Togethers at Artifice

Sunday Nov 15 - Timmy's Organism at the Dive Bar (friends of the Gizmos - from Detroit!)

Wednesday Nov 18 - Eddy Bear & the Cubs with Dick Earl's Electric Witness at the Griffin

Friday Nov 20 - the Mapes, Maxies, Undercover Monsters and Melanie and the Midnite Marauders at the Dive Bar

Saturday Nov 21 - the Heiz at the Double Down with the Psyatics, Franks'n'Deans, the People's Whiskey, New Cold War
Saturday Nov 21 - 3 Bad Jacks, Dead at Midnite and the Legendary Boilermakers at the Dive Bar

Wednesday Nov 25 - the Swank Bastards Basstravaganza at the Double Down
Wednesday Nov 25 - Public Imagine Ltd at Brooklyn Bowl
Wednesday Nov 25 - Drunksgiving with the Delta Bombers at Champagnes

Saturday Nov 28 - Gogol Bordello at Brooklyn Bowl

Friday Dec 4 - Rev Horton Heat, Lords of Altamont, the Bellrays at Vinyl Las Vegas
Friday Dec 4 - the Delta Bombers at Triple B

Saturday Dec 5 - The return of the Lucky Cheats with the Swamp Gospel at the Sand Dollar

Thursday Dec 10 - the New Waves at the Double Down

Saturday Dec 12 - Nic Turner's Hawkwind with the Psyatics at the LV Country Saloon
Saturday Dec 12 - Shanda and the Howlers at the Bunkhouse

Saturday Dec 19 - Nashville Pussy at the Dive Bar

What have I forgotten? Lemme know