Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Swamp Gospel, the Psyatics, Sector 7G at the Dive Bar, Friday Feb 12, 2016

A night of local bands at the Dive Bar - 3 bands, a sane start time, cheap drinks, good food- a good combination. Unfortunately, apparently every band in town had a show this same night, so it was a bit slow, but still had some die-hard supporters, new fans and even dancing girls!

The Swamp Gospel opened, as usual, and had a good time on the club's new expanded stage and PA - good place for bands to play - and with a real soundman - this evening Bob sat in for the regular John.

Our pals the Psyatics took the stage with a smokin' cover of the Velvet Underground's "I Can't Stand It Any More" and then moved on to some of their best from their two cds. Always a rollickin' good time with these cats and the audience dug their swingin' sounds.

Closing the night was Sector 7G, a self proclaimed "aggressive punk rock"/hard core band that, unfortunately, had a number of technical difficulties for one reason or another, which gave them a slow start. Not normally my cup of strychnine, but they were tight and, indeed, aggressive - but were nice people, too!

Another fun night at the Dive Bar and, I gotta say - I recommend the pizza! Thanks to Pulsar, Nate, Angie, Bob and all of the Dive Bar crew!