Friday, February 12, 2016

The Two Tens - Volume

I've been putting off reviewing this CD after I got it at their show here in Vegas a few weeks ago because their sound really is kinda hard to describe. A guitar/drum duo (with some extra instruments on the record and a splitter on stage sending the guitar signal through both a guitar and bass amp) featuring Adam Bones on vocals and guitar and Rikki Styxx on drums/backing vocals, they kick up quite a melodic punk rock storm in a live setting and this record does a good job of capturing it. But, it's way more than just "punk pop" - punky and melodic, yes, but with r'n'r riffs, variety and dynamics.

The rip-roarin' "Scene" opens up with an almost Ramones-ian blast of high energy with some cool harmonies'n'catchiness. "Ella Don't Like My Hat" is a bit of garagey new wave, "Watching Me" slows down a bit for a pounding two chord stomper, while "Sweet As Pie" continues with more highly-melodic punk - Adam harmonies and does a call'n'answer with himself here - and we even get a (very short) guitar solo! I find it hard to describe the slow but steady rockin' of "Dreams" - almost slightly ska-like - with its layered vocals and guitar riffn'. They get positively frantic in "Rush Out", but maintain the tunefulness - and another wild guitar lead! - but are back in mid-tempo territory (no problem there!) with "Care At All".

There's chant-along punk rock in "Life", bubblegum coolness'n'angst in "I Can't Win", garage rock with cool starts'n'stops in "You Want It All", pure pop-punk in "Can't Pull Through" and then close out with a slow, atmospheric, new-wavey "Breathe".

Fun band, great live act and they even seem like nice people! Check 'em out whenever ya can!