Friday, June 10, 2016

The Peculiar Pretzelmen at the Golden Tiki, Thursday June 9, 2016

The Prezelmen became one of my fave acts the first time that I saw them (has it only been a year ago?) and I try to catch them whenever they come to town. Unfortunately, Vegas is usually the start or end of a tour for them so we tend to get them on a Sunday or, as in this case, a Thursday. Still, it is worth a sleepy Friday at work to experience their noisily minimalist performance!

As I've said before, vocalist/muilti-instrumentalist Kevin came from Soda and his Million Piece Band and the PP continues in that Tom Waits-ian vein. Kevin will play bastardized versions of banjo, mandolin, guitar and even mandocello but runs them through an array of pedals to give an even wider variety of tones. Deacon's drum kit consisted of kitchen utensils and car parts (and a vintage bass drum), among other items that - obviously - gives the duo a unique resonance. While reminiscent of Waits, I know of no one else implementing this style of musical muse, so it is always entertaining.

This is the start of their tour, so check out their Facebook page to see when they will be coming near you and they have a number of CDs that are all fine melodious odysseys so support them whenever and however you can! Damn nice guys, too!