Friday, July 08, 2016

The Black Widows - Evilution

The Black Widows are, quite simply, the best instrumental band on the planet at this moment. Currently consisting of mastermind Dr. Vibe (guitar, no vocals), The Executioner (drums, no vocals), Pharoh Malo (bass, no vocals) and Count Funkula (guitar, no vocals), they continue their scheme to take over the world via their powerful spider rock. This is not a surf band, but an all original, all evil, instrumental rock'n'roll combo who create musical mindscapes of mass destruction that have no rivals.

Don't get me wrong, I dig a good surf combo as much as anyone, but these cats follow no rules and have no boundaries. They combine surf, heavy metal, jazz, soundtracks, no-wave, punk and whatever else pops into their demented minds at any given moment. They also come up with memorable, well constructed songs - remember those? And every member is a top-notch, superior musician.

Not much else to say - this is rock'n'roll, cats'n'kittens - get stung by the Black Widows!

PS - love the fact that one of the "interludes" is a jazzy acoustic version of one of their songs!