Thursday, October 20, 2016

Gallows Bound (CD)

I was pretty knocked out by Gallows Bound when I saw them the other night and went straight to their merch table after they finished to pick up their CD at the show. These ex-punkers from Virginia describe their sound as Appalachian Punk Bluegrass, which is a pretty damn apt description. Led by guitarists/lead vocalists Jesse and Jordan (Jesse has an especially terrific, sweet'n'melodic voice, which Jordan's gruffer tones compliment well), the combo also includes particularly talented banjo picker Justin, mandolinist Forrest, stand up bassist Aaron and drummer/percussionist Rob.

The use of entirely acoustic instruments obviously gives the music a country/bluegrass feel, and the strong songwriting is in this Americana style. They rely heavily on their powerful'n'purty vocal harmonies to compliment the well-written lyrics'n'melodies and solid playing.

Can't really think of anyone specifically to compare them to, which is a good thing, but makes it hard for me to put into words what they sound like, other than great! Certainly among the better new combos I have seen in quite a while.