Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Darts - EP

A brand, spankin' new, all-femme, bi-state, garage rock'n'roll band, the Darts are a conflagration congregation featuring members of the Love Me Nots (organ/vocalist Nicole and bassist Christina), the Two Tens (drummer Rikki) and Brainspoon (guitarist Michelle). They brew up a potent stew of powerful, organ-fueled garage music, not unlike the terrific Love Me Nots (a logical comparison, as Nicole keys and voice drove that combo, as well).

Christina starts things off with a dirty, growling bass riff in "Running Through Your Lies" before the rest of the gals burst in with a knock-out punch - a stompin' rocker with a cool'n'cathy call'n'answer. Fast'n'furious, "Revolution" is a commanding, memorable, poppy bit of high energy with fantastic playing from everyone (great guitar solo!), cool dynamics, sing-along chorus, vicious lyrics and even a bit of spelling! "Carry Me Home" has an off-kilter beat, is just a click or two slower, a little more haunting, but still wild'n'wooly and "You Got Me" slows the pace a bit more, but certainly not the intensity for this moody, maniacal number. They dish up a head-boppin' four chord garage rocker in "Take What I Need" before closing things out with a Bob Diddley-esque "Ramblin' Stone" - raw guitar work here (both rhythm and leads) over a swingin' beat, dynamic flourishes and a wild rave-up.

Absolutely terrific debut from some supremely talented ladies Looking forward to seeing them in a couple of weeks here in Las Vegas!