Friday, October 21, 2016

The Delta Bombers at the Rusty Spur, Thursday Oct 20, 2016

Hadn't been to the Rusty Spur before, but heard plenty of good things about it and when we saw that the diddly-boppin' Delta Bombers were playing an early, Free show there as a prelude to yet another tour, we made the crosstown trip to check it out!

Arriving at least a 1/2 hour before the band was due to play, the tiny (storage room sized) bar was already packed wall-to-wall, front-to-back with fans'n'drinkin' buddies ready for the night's entertainment.

The Bombers squeezed themselves into a space in the back of the room and proceeded to blast out a sweat-soaked set of their own brand of rockabilly'n'blues. The ran through a bunch of their originals - with nods to people like the Gun Club, Bo Diddley (cool call'n'answer tune that is a staple of their set), Son House, Muddy Waters and more, as well as the high-energy, bluegrassy "White Lightnin'", "Run Through the Jungle" and their encore, a rockin' take on "Smokestack Lightning".

These cats get better every time I see them - most likely due to the fact that they've done something like 170 shows already this year! - and they have a rockin', tight sound that allows frontman Chris to exhort the audience to drink, sing-along, and generally join in on the mayhem.

Totally fun set at a cool little dive bar - check out both the band and the bar when ya can!

Birthday girl Allison got a dedication and a hug!

Chris and wife Jessie share a tender moment at the end of the set!