Thursday, November 17, 2016

Nina Coyote eta Chico Tornado - Ea

This seems to be the most recent release by NC&CT and it's another powerhouse!

They open up with a straight, out'n'out rocked in "Diana & Sebastian" - power chords, drivin' rhythm, shouted "heys!" and cool dynamics - just a damn great rock'n'roll tune. A lot of this record is sung in their native Spanish, so I can't tell what a lot of it is about, but that is certainly no problem! "Magic Edo" is a staccato instrumental stomper with frantic interludes, highlighted by Koldo's use of an organ emulator pedal for additional tones. These two enjoy their instros, but they keep 'em interesting with plenty of time changes and dynamics that you don't miss the vocals. But, Koldo does have a strong, Iggy-like voice so I dig it when he uses it, as in the droney, Sabbath-y, riff-laden "Asteroide". "Euphobia" brings back metallic head-bangin', "Arinau" starts with a bit of spacey psychedelia before slammin' into another power-rocker with nods to "Hand of Doom", "Dantzger" is heavy metal but also damned bouncey, fer christ's sake, "Earthquake" has enough changes'n'licks for a Blue Oyster Cult song or something, while "Maui Waui" continues to rock in a Sabbath-y way.

OK, it's getting kinda funny how much they're taking from Black Sabbath on this record - not that that's a bad thing! "Bide Galaktikoa" seems to be influenced by BS's self-titled theme song, with some extra added psychedelia - the keyboard emulator is put to especially good use here. More 70's hard rock influences in "Coyote Trail", though strained through their own brand of weirdness, "Mugak" is heavy'n'melodic, "Flor de la Muerte" is atmospheric, spacey psych, but of course they have to blast back with "Plastikozko Lurrina", another cool mix of high energy'n'melody before the mighty conclusion, "II", with smashing drums and huge chords.

This punk rock duo creates some of the best 70's heavy metal/stoner rock that I've heard in years! Buy it, see it, rock it!