Friday, April 21, 2017

The Terrorsaurs - One Night Only

I caught the Terrorsaurs last week with local surf icons Thee Swank Bastards and had a blast watching their brand of instro madness with goofy masks and hot-cha burlesque dancer. "Swamp Guitarist" El Demonio traveled the entire club while bassist/shouter Crawlin' King Fink and "Jungle Drummer" Big Joe Espionage keep the beat pulsin''n'throbbin'. Tried to pick up a shirt but they were already sold out, so I made due with this CD on Wild Records (also the home of Vegas' Delta Bombers).

As with most bands, the live show - especially the Terrorsaurs' style of live show - is much more fun than any recording can reproduce, but this disc is packed with surfy instrumental tunes (with occasional shouts here'n'there) with titles like "Pigstickin'", "Demonio''s Curve", "Bat Snatch" and "Devil's Dyke". Some are pretty simplistic, but then numbers like "Dambala!" and "A Girl For Yeti" have some nice variety'n'changes in rhythm'n'dynamics'n'intricacies and the slow'n'sultry "Rat Burger" was a great showcase for their dancer.

Definitely a combo to see live but this is well worth it if ya find it!