Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Cheeks - Have Some Real Fun and Sure 'Nuff Action With the C-14 Hit Machine Gun

Speaking of pop, I also recently pulled out my old German friends, The Cheeks, to dig their punk-pop magic in the longest-titled album of all time. With my pal Lutz Rauber (ex-Embryonics) on guitar, the band also included Kono on vocals (who I believe still continues with a version of the group), Sugar on bass, backing vocals and songwriting, Dirk on guitar and Olaf on drums. This late 90's combo was certainly influenced by other Screaming Apple acts like the Yum Yums and produced high energy pop with a punk rock edge.

Catchiness abounds in tune likes the summer sensation "Walk in the Sun", the highly melodic break up number, "Don't Wanna Be With You", the cool start'n'stops (and super groovy guitar leads) in "Can We Go Dancin'", nice tremelo guitar and energy in "Sugar 25", the hopeless love lament and almost country-esque lead guitar in "Confidential", more unrequited love in the harmony-driven "No Start No End", and raw guitar work in "Try, Make Up Your Mind".

The rest of the album continues in this vein - 70's punk meets 60's garage and pop with solid playing throughout, nice melodic lead work and plenty of harmonies and melodies. These cats were loads of good-time pop-punk action! Check 'em out!

(Sorry for the lousy photo - I couldn't find a clear shot I could swipe on the Interwebs)