Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Jackets - Be Myself/Queen of the Pill (Single)

I know that garage rock'n'roll never went away, but there does seem to be (another) resurgence of it lately. Great bands like the Darts, the Freaks of Nature and, one of my faves, the Jackets. This Swiss trio just tore up the West Coast and knocked people out everywhere they went! Their latest album, Shadows of Sound, is amazing and this single continues in that garage-rockin' vein.

Poundin' drums, fuzz guitars, drivin' bass, and Jackie's uniquely tough-chick voice doin' a call'n'answer with the boys all combine in "Be Myself" for a high energy blast of garage rock'n'roll. The flip, "Queen of the Pill" starts off a Pebbles-worthy, crunchy chord progression that evolves into fuzz'n'feedback'n'tremelo freakouts and then some damn catchy hand-clapping, poppy sections!

Definitely some of the best current fuzz-fanatics rockin'n'stompin' today! Get any of their releases - you won't regret it! And be sure to see them if there's any way you can!