Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Peculiar Pretzelmen, the Implosions, the Swamp Gospel at the Huntridge Tavern, Saturday Oct 21

Due to a last minute cancelation by the New Waves (which was disappointing as I have yet to have a chance to see them), the Swamp Gospel filled in after a 6 month hiatus. A little rusty and the sermons were maybe not quite so slick, but we had a great time converting the Huntridge congregation. We will be back here with the Psyatics on Dec 2!

(above photo by Kristin Badger)

(SG pic by Denise Heximer)

The evening was also the debut of the newest Las Vegas super group, The Implosions! Featuring 2 couples - Clay and Denise Heximer (Mapes, Gentlemen of Four Outs, Melanie and the Midnite Marauders, Thee Swank Bastards) and Dave and Adrienne Post (the Mapes, Alan Six) - this combo features Vegas themes tunes in a variety of styles - some Cramps-ian, some garage-y, some punk-y and all cool! I actually preferred the tremelo'd Crampsy/garagey stuff as there are already an abundance of punky bands in town, but it was all good fun and I will look forward to watching this band's evolution!

The Peculiar Pretzelmen are always highly entertaining, in an energetic, Tom Waits-ian way, with drummer/percussionist Deacon playing a kit made up of a skillet, pin ties, car parts and now also pieces from a bicycle (where does he find all of these bits'n'pieces, I wonder) and singer Kevin strumming a mandocello, banjo, mutated guitar and a mandolin-like creation and banjo-ish instrument, both made from film canisters! They are amazing to watch and I love the songs - there were plenty of new ones this night as they are working on a new record, but there were some familiar tunes, as well. For the finale Kevin shouted/sang/scatted through a megaphone while manipulating effects pedals and Deacon causing a commotion behind him. See them any time you have a chance - you won't be sorry!

Thank you to Kate and the Huntridge for another fun night of music!