Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Jackets - Stuck Inside

Cut way back in 2008 (released in 2009), this debut record by the Jackets is another terrific garage rocker. They didn't yet quite have the distinctive sound that they now possess, although it was certainly bubbling under. With a different bassist (Severin Erni - although Sam Schmidiger plays lead guitar on a couple of tracks here) and a couple more covers ("I Cannot Stop You" from the Cherry Slush and "Demolition Girl" by the Saints), the sound might be a bit more punky, but is still pretty damn striking and shows the evolution of the group.

Drummer Chris gets sole writing credit for the garage rocker opener, "Get Back With You" - a great piece of 60's styled magic, complete with a rave-up ending! Most of the record here sounds more like traditional 60's garage than their more current records. Not that that's a bad thing, but they have certainly brought out more of their own personalities lately. Never-the-less, "I Cannot Stop You", "Running", "Got No Time" have primitive rhythms, raw singing, mucho backing vocals and gnarly (in the true sense of the word) lead guitar work, all in songs that sound like they could have come off of a Back From the Grave comp. "Make You Mine" is a bit punkier, "Mr. Stranger" is slow'n'spooky with some nice theremin work from Jackie (she should make more use of this, if she still has access to it), current bassist Sam produces a killer lead for "Traitor", "Out of My Head" has cool chord changes and more theremin, making it stand out a bit more, they revisit the Summer of Love (lyrically, if not musically) in "Sadie" (hip keys from Olifr Guz here), the afore-mentioned Saints tune has it's message turned around as Jackie sings "I'll be your demolition girl", rather than the original "demolition, girl", Jackie's "Count the Tears" is eerily dirge-like with moody keys and the finale is another garager with more manic guitar.

If you're new to the Jackets, I would say to begin with their latest, Shadows of Sound, but you'll want everything by them once you get started! This is a solid inauguration though.