Monday, October 09, 2017

Ugly Things #45 - Summer/Fall 2017

Mike Stax continues to explore the nether regions of the Netherlands and far beyond in his obsessive (in a good way!) fanzine, Ugly Things. In this issue, there is a massive article on Q65 and the Outsiders as a "Dutch Beat Revolution", an interview with the pre-punk Richard Strange and the Doctors of Madness, the proto punk Puke, Spit and Guts, all femme 60's band Untouchable, the Left Banke, the Uniques and much, much more. The vast array of reviews will certainly enlighten you with innumerable items that will have you scurrying to the internet to buy or at least put on a wish list. The biggest drawback to Ugly Things is that is informs you of all of the music that you now must have but never before knew existed!

Always high quality and always more than worth the pittance required for purchase. Oh yeah, one more "drawback" - UT is so massive that you've just finished reading one by the time the next one arrives, giving you no time for any other edification from any other sources! But, is that really a problem?!