Monday, October 09, 2017

Wolverton - Thief of Impossible Objects (comic)

Editor/ publisher/ co-writer Michael Stark is a Facebook pal of mine and lover of cool music, so I figured his work of (comic book) art should be given a fair trial. As a comic book lover for decades, this book has the feel of a classic comic but with modern touches.

The story - nicely drawn by Derek Rodenbeck - revolves around the title character, a gentleman burglar with a droll sense of humor and witty repartee who specializes in the supernatural, relieving the items from their owners in order to safeguard them from improper use. So, while the story takes place in the early 1900's, magic abounds - money paws grant wishes, statues come to life, Dorian Gray is a real person and the Hope Diamond is "the most lethal supernatural weapon in history!"

Fun and compelling - I look forward to the adventure continuing!