Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Darts - Me.Ow.

I've ranted'n'raved about these dazzlin' dames of garage rock many-a times before, for their live shows as well as their two previous EPs. Here, on their debut full length by Dirty Water Records, they continue with their Farfisa-fueled mayhem in their quest for rock'n'roll dominance.

Led by the mistress of the keyboards, Nicole (from the Love Me Nots), the Darts have a sultry'n'stompin' rhythm section made up of heavy-groovin' fuzz-bassist Christina (also of the LMN) and monster drummer Rikki (Two Tens / Dollyrots) along with 6 string strangler Michelle (Brainspoon). Every one of the members are exceptional players - Nicole is probably the best garage keyboardist I have seen - and they interact like a band should - intertwining the runs and working together to strengthen the song, not to show off.

The songs are always rockin', sometimes frantic, sometimes hypnotic, sometimes sizzlin', sometimes ruthless, sometimes menacing, usually danceable and damn cleverly written. I do find the sound slightly muddy, but that's just being picky, as you can still hear everyone and the power is there. Great, fun band and dig there extremely low-fi version of the Trashwomen's "Batteries" as a bonus track!