Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Implosions, Lambs to Lions at Evel Pie, Friday August 10, 2018

Unfortunately, outdoor shows in Las Vegas are rarely a good idea, but especially so when it is 100 + degrees at 10:00 pm. At Evel Pie the bands play in a outdoor back patio, but at least you can go inside for some a/c, drinks and even some pretty darn good pizza.

We got to the venue a little late and just caught the tail end of Lambs to Lions, a self-described "drunk punk" band that has a keyboard player which gives them a variation on the sorta typical LV punk rock sound. Sorry to say, I did not hear enough to really form a strong opinion on the band - next time! 

Of course, we came out to support our pals, the Implosions, as they tried to avoid heat stroke during their set of 70's styled punk rock with a bit of garage and Cramps-ian influences mixed in. It had been a little while since we had last seen this new combo and they have obviously been working hard at pulling their sound together and becoming more cohesive and tighter. Husband'n'wife rhythm section Clay'n'Denise hold down the fort while husband'n'wife guitar'n'vocal team Dave'n'Adrienne layer different sounds (Dave have a board of home-made pedals give him various fuzz, tremelo and mystery tones) and move from croons to harsh screams, as the songs demand. All lyrics are based on Las Vegas, from casinos imploding, to playing the ponies, to photos with a million dollars and lots more. Super fun and sounding better all the time! Dig 'em!

I'm sorry to say that the heat got the better of us and we split before we could see the co-headliners of the Pluralses and Jerk! as they celebrated the release of their split CD. Hopefully, I will pick up a copy soon to review.