Thursday, December 26, 2019

Ugly Things #52

By this time I am pretty darn sure that anyone who might come across this blog is certainly familiar with Mike Stax's amazing Ugly Things magazine and you know that you want and need it in your life! But here's an overview of this ish:

There's a fantastic'n'major interview with our pal Craig Bell, detailing his time in Rocket From the Tombs, the Mirrors, the Saucers and lots more - much more detailed that the interview that I did for this blog and with tons of incredible photos. Photographer Chuck Krall, who documented the best 70's rock'n'rollers - as well as soul and jazz, gets a big write-up, as well, along with articles on 60's punkers We The People, Australia's Coloured Balls, Rasputin and the Mad Monks, Don Grady of My Three Sons (!), Michael Bloomfield, the usual Pretty Things and Downliner Sect columns and, of course, innumerable reviews that will have you scurrying to purchase some more obscure music, books, movies and everything in between!

High quality, as always, highly informative and highly entertaining. Get it!