Sunday, January 22, 2006

New York Dolls - All Dolled Up DVD

A fantastic DVD with amazingly good quality videos of a number of NY Dolls shows, all from the camera of Bob Gruen.
Bob followed the band around after acquiring a video camera - then, something that was cutting edge and unheardof! The shows are from NY (of course!), LA and San Francisco and show the band at the top of their game!
For those who never saw the band or who have never seen videos, this DVD will be a revelation! Jerry Nolan is a monster on the drums who has to be seen to be believed! He really made the band and pulled them all together. These videos show just how tight the band could be - sure, there are a couple of mistakes, but overall, the group is right in the pocket. This is before Johnny Thunders became a drug-addled spectacle - here, he & Sylvain Sylvain prove that they were a very worthy 2 guitar team. They trade riffs throughout all of the songs and each add bits that build up the song, not detract from it. While Johnny is generally accepted as the "lead" guitarist in the band, Sylvain is equally important to their 2 guitar sound! Arthur Kane actually comes off as a better bassist than you would think (though certainly no virtuoso!) and, while the vocals were always a weak point in the band, David Johanson is a great frontman and works well with the rest of the guys - especially Johnny.
There are ultra-rare videos of the one show they actually did in drag (at the drag bar, Club 82 in NYC) and even songs from the Red Patent Leather era!
Lots of very cool interviews are interspersed throughout the clips and there are plenty of extras, including 12 complete performances.
Absolutely one of the best Dolls releases - buy it if you see it!


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