Sunday, January 22, 2006

T. Rex - Born To Boogie DVD

This DVD reissue of the 1972 film, Born to Boogie, shows off T. Rex at the top of their popularity in England with fan hysteria, screaming girls and plenty of good r'n'r!
Produced and partially filmed by Ringo Starr, who was friends with Marc Bolan and understood what he was going through with "T-Rextasy", this is mostly a concert film, though it also includes several somewhat surreal vignettes.
The show took place at Wembley in England in 1972, after "Electric Warrior" had been released and T Rex was riding high on the charts all over the world. The band rocks through their sets - the DVD includes the matinee performance as well as the evening show that is in the film - despite several technical problems and recurring tunings problems for Marc. He was never a virtuoso guitarist, but as part of the band (whose rhythm section is pretty terrific), everything gels, and his voice and charisma and songs carried them to the charts.
There are some silly fantasy sequences throughout the film, but most of them involve at least Marc playing some songs, which saves them, and others include jam sessions with T Rex accompanied by Ringo and Elton John.
All in all, a super 2 DVD set with tons of great extras, interviews and documentaries! Well worth the bux!!


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