Friday, August 31, 2007

M-16’s – loose bullets

I don’t remember if they found me or I found them, but I discovered the M-16’s via My Space and am damn glad that I did!

Thundering out of Perth with an obvious obsession for loud guitars and MC5-styled riffs, these cats make fantastic, high-energy r’n’r! Definitely influenced by Radio Birdman and the Celibate Rifles, I think the M-16’s out-pace them at their own game and grab the crown of Australian guitar rock!

Made up of Ken “Killer” Watt (ex-Asteroid B-612) on guitar and lead vocals, Brad Miller on bass and Adam Scuillo pounding the skins, the M-16’s carry on the tradition of emulating the fantastic early 70’s Detroit bands (a style that has led to the creation of many a Swedish and Aussie band!) and do a great job of it!

They don’t let up for a second on the ½ hour, 8-song mini-LP – no ballads for these cats! – and they have no problems wearing the references on their sleeves while still maintaining their own identity. I can’t even imagine what kind of power they must wield onstage!

It’s hard to single out any particular songs, because this is one massive explosive of rawk – so just buy it if you’re looking for another high-energy fix!

Check out the M-16's website here and videos here


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