Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Love Me Nots - Detroit

After being knocked out by this band in concert and by their amazing debut, Black & White, I lost touch with them for the longest time and am just now picking up some of the releases that I am sorry to say that I have missed.

This is the group’s sophomore effort and it is basically a continuation of Black & White – which means that it is a wild, high-energy garage stomper! This is the original line-up, with fuzz bassist Christina Nunez and incredible drummer Jay Lien augmenting sultry singer/organist Nicole Laurenne and fuzz & reverb master Michael Johnny Walker as they pursue intense garage-drive aural odysseys with equal parts moodiness and sexiness.

I got nothin’ bad to say about this disc – superb songs, amazing sound, great playing (maybe even better than their excellent debut) and an over-abundance of power, piss & vinegar. Garage-maniacs will flip over this one!