Monday, December 17, 2012

RIP Greg Verdusco

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to report that Vegas stalwart Greg Verdusco has passed away this weekend. The frontman for the might Bloody Villains, one of the best punk'n'roll bands to come out of Las Vegas, lost his fight with cancer, though he battled til the end. I honestly felt that he would be able to beat this because of his attitude and fire, but sometimes the fates conspire against all of us. This is a loss for everyone who cared for r'n'r. Greg has played in many bands for many years - I first saw him live in San Diego a couple of decades ago (he must have been a baby) and was impressed enough to buy his single. Once I saw the Villains in LV, I was knocked out and became a huge fan. I wish that I could have seen them more.

Greg & I only met a few times, but I enjoyed his company immensely and felt a kindred r'n'r spirit - and we had many a common friend. We had many similar views and I felt we could have become closer friends if only we had more time. I can only hope that we are wrong and that he has found peace in a heaven somewhere where he can be rejoined by his soul mate, Allison, some day.