Saturday, December 22, 2012

ZZ Top - La Futura

When "La Grange" first came smokin' out of the car radio in 1973, with it's Slim Harpo rhythms and hard-edged guitars, every teenager in the country cranked the dial in exhilaration to hear some rock'n'roll instead of the regular 70's radio drek. ZZ Top staked a name for themselves in the boogie-rock arena and has remained there to this day.

This latest album is a much acclaimed "return to form" with production by Rick Rubin and songs that are basically just the band, done in their traditional blues-rock format (without the horrible 80's synthesizer crap). The sound is strong and while everything is pretty good, nothing really reaches their heights, which I suppose, shouldn't be expected. There are a couple of ballads that I could live without, but overall, a good, though not exceptional, outing. Obviously, start with their amazing early work, but this is worth hearing, as well.

Unfortunately, we missed these cats when they just played Vegas, but glad to know that they are continuing to rock and it is ultra-cool that Billy is doing a Moving Sidewalks reunion! Hope he tours with them!