Thursday, December 20, 2012

recommended gigs

Friday Dec 21 - Thee Mapes - Motor City Cafe
Friday Dec 21 - Thee Swank Bastards at Artifice

Friday Dec 28 - Bogtrotters Union at the Bunkhouse
Friday Dec 28 - Thee Swank Bastards at the Double Down

Friday January 4 - The Lucky Cheats with the Delta Bombers - Favorites
Friday January 4 - The Tinglerz at the Bunkhouse
Friday January 4 - Thee Swank Bastards at the Double Down

Wednesday January 9 - Thee Swank Bastards at the Griffin

Wednesday Jan 23 - Psyactics/Tinglerz at the Griffin

Friday January 25 - The Swamp Gospel at the Bunkhouse

Saturday Jan 26 - The Psyatics at the Bunkhouse

Monday Feb 4 - Nashville Pussy at Las Vegas Country Saloon

Friday February 8 - The Tinglerz at the Double Down with the Swamp Gospel!

Saturday March 2 - Atomic Cossack at the Beauty Bar

I'll add more as I hear about them! Friends - lemme know and I'll list gigs here, for what it's worth!