Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fearless Leader - Deranged

Alright, Fearless Leader is a band of reprobate scum-rockers from LA, known for their outrageous make-up and costumes (think: buckets as platform shoes), use of fire and for sticking spam up their butt and then eating it. Not for the faint hearted or those easily offended. Oh, and they play music, too - more or less.

Deranged is their latest, recorded even as members of the band live is different parts of the country. The sound is filthy, noisy punk rock with incredibly un-PC lyrics and song titles like "Brick Shit House", "Sex Change", "Nasty Bitch", "Mind Fuck" and "Looks like a '10' Fucks Like a '2'".

While their names have been changed to protect the guilty, the guys are actually pretty damn good players - they just go out of their way to make the band loose, crazy, cacophonous and fun. There's layers of guitars - power chords, fuzz-turbulence, caterwauling clang'n'clatter, wah-wahs and, on "Have a Good Time" there's even some honkin' sax from LA sax-master Mark Mylar. Strangely, the title track is sung by a non-member, LA stalwart Mike Snider, who also plays bass while the guitars create a boisterous blare that threatens to take over the song.

This is an explosive din of an album - crazed and truly "deranged". Get it - if you have the nerve!