Thursday, February 18, 2016

Slim and the Supreme Angels - Superset

I have been enthralled with old school gospel music and have been finding more and more lately that is energetic and entertaining, as good gospel should be! This sextet all sang - giving the big choir sound - and played their own instruments (guitar, keys, bass, drums). I believe that I stumbled upon Slim via Facebook and this 2-CD set gives a good overview of their style and evolution.

The opener, "Jesus Is Listening" is a fine, mid-tempo traditional gospel number, Slim does some sermonizing for the intro to the slower "I Wanna Go", there's a hip, soulful groove to "What's the Matter Now", another slower chorale number in "I Never Heard a Man", a swingin' "Rise Again", a perfectly frantic, high-energy "Praise Song" (love this kind of sacred wildness - and the excellent frenetic lead guitar!), more sermonizing with the band "answering" him musically as the congregation does vocally in the lead-in to "Ziklag", another slow groove with fine harmonizing in "The Last Days", more bouncin'n'clappin' in "Nobody But You Lord" and CD one closes out with another slow preachin'n'evangelizin' number "Someone Needs a Miracle" that sounds like someone is falling out in the audience!

CD 2 starts with a righteous blast with "Saints in Praise", another high-energy stomper that has some intense, Hendrix-y guitar riffin', and again alternates with a ballad in "Stay Under the Blood", a swingin' 60's-soul-styled "I've Come All the Way", a somber "My Soul Loves Only You" that builds with the help of the chorus and some powerful soul screamin', a hand-clappin' soul singalong "Just Wanna Thank the Lord", another jumpin', old-school gospel in "A Mother in Zion", a mid-tempo call'n'answer with "The Lord Is Blessing Me" (dig the repeated "yeahs"!), a bit slower with "People Get Ready", another ballad in "Crown Life" before the soul-stirrin' finale "People Don't Do".

While some stuff here is a little slick and polished, overall, this is a infectious piece of gospel-soul - righteously groovy!