Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Super Zeroes and Electric Ferrets at the Double Down, Saturday Feb 13, 2016

LA's way-out punk/garage rockers the Electric Ferrets have reunited and to honor the occasion, former Electric Ferret/current Super Zero Santo Kevin brought them out to Vegas for their first reunion show at Vegas's version of Al's Bar or Rajis, the Double Down Saloon.

The Super Zeroes opened the night with their own Marvel-esque brand super-hero rock'n'roll - a mix of punk, pop and rock and songs about the Incredible Hulk and their own re-make of the Spiderman theme. Their rhythm section has changed since the last time that I saw them and they are tighter and work more with dynamics and guitar tones. Dug the little "homages" to Nugent and the Dictators in a couple of the numbers.

The Electric Ferrets are now Greg (vocals) and Flying Ike (guitar/vocals) along with new rhythm section Todd (bass) and Gizz (drums) and are also tighter and more cohesive than ever before - but still crazy fun and silly punk-rock with garage overtones. I recognized some of the older numbers - "Into My Brain", "Elvis is King", "2-3-4", etc. - and they did a couple of high-energy covers like "Wichita Lineman", "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds", and the 60' classic "Voices Green and Purple" (which they meld with Kiss' "Detroit Rock City" somehow - but it works!). The rhythm section smokes, Ike is playing and sounding better than ever and Greg is still a wildman on stage, though, as with us all, he has slowed down a little - but just a little! The new songs fit in fine, like "Is There Another Day" (with some cool 7th chords) and the surfy "Ride the Wave", where Ike rocked out some "Miserlou" licks and Greg passed out stickers and CDs to the audience.

Welcome back to the Electric Ferrets and hope they continue on! I'm sure they will be back in Vegas again so check 'em out. Thanks to the Super Zeroes and the Double Down for another rockin' night!