Saturday, November 19, 2016

John Cleese and Eric Idle - the Venetian Theater Friday Nov 18, 2016

A bit of much-needed levity was provided by a night with Cleese and Idle at the gorgeous Venetian Theater. Both Melanie and I have been Monty Python fans since our teen years (she more so than I - she even got to see them at the Hollywood Bowl!) so when we were able to find reasonably priced tickets for this, we grabbed them up!

The show is basically the two men giving an overview of their careers - meeting in college comedy troupes, becoming writers for various TV shows, each appearing in their own shows and then joining forces with the rest of the cast of loonies to create Monty Python. Of course, they have both gone on to many other things since then, as well, and brought everyone up to date.

Besides simply telling anecdotes, they also showed film clips (from classic Python segments to pre-Python groups and shows - unfortunately, BBC wiped a lot of older tapes - to movie bits and more), performed skits and sang a number of songs, including the finale "Look at the Bright Side of Life".

Of course, there were a couple of digs at Trump, but overall, it was a lot of their own unique brand of humor. Certainly a fun night!