Friday, April 21, 2017

Water Landing - Turbulence

Water Landing is an eclectic Vegas combo made up of Eric and Jules Phillips (guitar/vox and keys/vox, respectively) along with their rhythm section of bassist Daniel Woodward and drummer Ron Hudy. I never know how to categorize this group, as they mix elements of rock, punk, new wave and lots more into their own brand of often goofy music.

On this EP, their latest release, they tackle four new originals and a surprising cover that I've yet to hear them do live. Opening with plenty of distorted, wah-wah-ed guitar work from Eric, Jules then takes lead vocals in the rockin' "Little Man", one of the heavier numbers they have ever done. Eric sings lead on the rest of the batch and his voice adds to the new wave feel in the Devo-esque "Lies" and the slightly off-kilter, somewhat metal-y (I kept trying to think of what it reminded me of and it turns out to be Girlschool!) riffer "Talk Back". The fast-paced, punky "Confession" follows and they close with a pretty right-on take of the White Stripes "Seven Nation Army".

Fun band and nice people - check 'em out when ya can!