Friday, January 03, 2020

The Cavemen, the Van Der Rohe, Thee Saturday Knights at the Bunkhouse, Thursday Jan 2, 2019

We're always hep to checking out up'n'coming punk'n'roll combos, especially when they - like New Zealand's The Cavemen - are getting plenty o'hype for being a wild'n'wolly, untamed live act. Throw in a couple of other hot'n'happenin' opening groups and an early start time at a good venue with a real stage and sound system and we couldn't resist!

Making the trek down from upstate in Reno, Nevada, Thee Saturday Knights are led by ex-Vegas-ite Noland on lead vox and stun guitar and a hot-shot group of reprobates on bass, drums and second lead git. 70's-styled punk rock (you know - the good kind) swathed in leather'n'denim, cheap guitars, pointy shoes, sunglasses and toothpicks wedged in their teeth, these cats had attitude to spare as they stormed through a set of Vibrators/Humpers inspired rock'n'roll. Solid songs with simple rockin' leads, buzzin' guitars, a stompin' rhythm section and chant-along songs. Truly impressive and a fantastic way to start out the night.

I've ranted'n'raved about the Van der Rohe numerous times here as they remain Vegas' premier stylish garage rock'n'roll combo. Led by singer Will (also in the rockabilly combo Will and the High Rollers) and guitarist Cromm (who is working on his solo project - P200 - as well as who knows what all else), their longtime primitive - in the perfect way - drummer Omar is joined by a somewhat more recent addition on bass, whose name I still don't know! Noisy as hell, maniacally energetic, and filled with a set of terrifically punk-infused garage rockers, they crashed through the night and filled the club with fuzz, stompin' rhythms and even balloons! Fan-about-town Carlos joined in on tambourine'n'dancin'n' vocals'n'a bit of chaotic fun! Always a good time from a band that plays all too seldom! Oh, and ex-member Noland couldn't help himself and jumped onstage to add some extra backing vocals on some of the songs he used to play with them.

I did not really know what to expect from The Cavemen, other than I had heard that they had an uninhibited stage show and that they were a kinda/sorta garage/punk combo. They hit the stage in appropriately r'n'r gear - long hair, Killer Kane styled jumpsuit, golden shirts and western wear - and immediately became a blur of bouncin', throbbin', flailin' motion! The songs were a bit more simple punk rock'n'roll than garage, although there were elements of that, as well, and the rhythm section were smokin' the entire time while the guitar churned out fuzz-filled riffs'n'chords and the singer did his best Iggy/Stiv/Mono Man impressions. Everyone was incredibly animated the entire time - non-stop action - but center of attention was usually held by singer Paul and his Iggy-isms - mixed with his own personality, of course. The music is super fun, high energy songs with silly lyrics about drugs'n'Elvis'n' alien abductions'n'hell-if-I-know what else! An unexpected encore of Gun Club's "For the Love of Ivy" kinda hit home how ubiquitous that band has become, but damn if their songs aren't great and these cats did a fine, stripped down version. Certainly a band to see!

Once again, thank you to Brian Moy's Dirty Rock'n'Roll Dance Party and the Bunkhouse for hosting this night of wild rock'n'roll! Vegas needs more of this!