Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Black Widows - Revenge of the Black Widows

The Black Widows are an LA-area instrumental "spider-rock" band (don't call them surf!) that mixes surf, jazz, punk and whatever else they damn well feel like into a cohesive - and incredible - rock'n'roll outfit. They wear black hoods to protects their severe identities, they are all-original, all-instrumental, all-evil. They are cool & they do not like you.

That said, they have deigned to give us another batch of mind-bogglingly amazing music! Unlike all too many instrumental surf combos who just find one riff, throw it in a I/IV/V progression, add a solo and call it a day, these cats give you memorable melodies (these songs will stick in your head - guaranteed!), cool changes and phenomenal playing.

Here they actually add some extra instruments to the mix now & again, with some hep horn sections, string-like keys ("Orange Squeezer is a heavier Issac Hayes - wow!) and even a swinging Tijuana Brass styled trumpet solo in "Burned Comanche". All of the tunes reference past, present and future - and all in a good way! You will not want the record to end and you will find yourself playing it over and over!

Members have changed on each of their albums, but now the band consists of the constant Dr. Vibe on guitar, no vocals, The Executioner on drums, no vocals, Pharoah Malo - bass, no vocals, and Count Funkula - guitar, no vocals. All of the records are highly recommended - the debut, Death by Guitar, sophomore effect Arocknaphobia, Live at KXLU and this current slab. Available through their website - go there and spend money now!