Sunday, April 23, 2017

I'm Pretty Good At It - Country Blues Guitar 1937 - 1953

Document Records is a treasure trove of old time acoustic, country blues and has released a large number of high-quality (at least considering the time that the music was recorded) CDs from numerous acoustic blues artists that you likely would never have heard of otherwise. I just happened upon this one and picked it up simply because it was Document Records. I love this early blues work these days and while I was not familiar with the artists - Papa Charley Hill, Roosevelt Antrim, Sonny Jones, Dan Pickett (whose bizarre "Laughing Rag" is one of the stranger selections Document has released), and Doug Quattlebaum - their Blind Boy Fuller/ Tampa Red-styled work in highly accessable and enjoyable. Sonny Jones, in fact was recorded at a session along with Fuller and Sonny Terry, who plays harmonica on the title track.

If you're a fan of Fuller and Tampa Red - and you should be - this is well worth picking up. Another fine release from Document!