Sunday, January 05, 2020

Thee Saturday Knights - Life of Crime EP

We caught these Reno, NV cats the other night with New Zealand's The Cavemen and were pretty damned knocked out by their brand of 70's punk rock. Led by ex-Vegas-ite Noland on lead vox and guitar (aided here by two Tim's and an extra guitar now on live shows), TSN's are an attitudinal, high energy mix of the Dead Boys, the Vibrators, the Humpers and their own snotty punkiness. This 5 song 7" has plenty of loud guitars and rockin' rhythms on their own shout-along tunes "Life of Crime" (not the Weirdos number), "Love Bomb", "You Got a Man", "Shoot to Kill" and "Shit Where You Eat". They certainly don't take themselves too seriously but they're also not goofy/jokey punk rock that seems to permeate the scene these days.

Damn fine stuff - excellent live and this EP really does capture a good portion of their energy. Check 'em out!