Saturday, January 11, 2020

Year End 2019

I don't always do year-end wrap-ups on this blog, but it's oddly slow at work at the moment (though that could change at any second) so I thought I'd start something...(Of course, it got crazy at work the minute I started this and now weeks have gone by!)

As is to be expected with any year, there were many ups'n'downs throughout 2019, but the good definitely outweighed the bad this time out, for which I am extremely grateful.

Of course, the Swamp Gospel continues to preach the word to the sinners of Las Vegas and we had some terrific revivals in 2019 with the Fleshtones (a flashback to the 80's, when we played together numerous times in LA), the Implosions, a Cramps tribute show, the All Togethers, the Sheiks of Neptune, the Peculiar Pretzelmen and too many more to list..Thank you to everyone who has played with us and a special thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years.

I also debuted as second guitarist for the Psyatics this year (Feb 23) and we have played some super fun gigs, as well. A huge thank you to everyone who has been encouraging of my work with the Psyatics and thank you to the band for inviting me along on their r'n'r journey - I will appear on their new album coming out in early 2020!

The Gizmos played an amazing gig in Detroit for the Outer Limits Club's Stroh Down Festival that was jam-packed with terrific bands like Jack Oblivion, Timmy's Organism, Tin Foil and tons more. Great scene there at the Outer Limits and we both loved Detroit (we even got to Motown!)!

And naturally, there have been some amazing shows that we have simply been spectators for - The Dragons in San Diego, the Flesheaters in LA, the Fleshtones (still fabulous after more than 40 years!), the Pine Hill Haints twice in Vegas, Nashville Pussy, Powersolo, the Peculiar Pretzelmen, WTFukushima, Amyl and the Sniffers (wild live show!), the Holy Smokes, the Sin Eaters, the Rhyolite Sound, the Panther Burns (always amazing), Kid Congo and Slim Cessna's Auto Club (one of Vegas' best shows of the year!), Delta Bombers, Shanda and the Howlers, the Heiz (always crazed fun!), the Darts, Redd Kross (another major highlight), the Double Whammys, the Sheiks of Neptune, the All-Togethers and I'm sure many more that I've missed.

Of course, kudos go to Thee Swank Bastards for the incredibly joyful annual Basstravaganza, which is Vegas' start to the holiday season, as well as their regular residencies throughout the city.

Of course, a (mostly) non-rock'n'roll trip to London and Paris was a major highlight of the year, and we did make a point of seeing some historical r'n'r sites while we were there.

Far too many rock'n'roll related deaths through 2019, far too many to name, but all are mourned.

I'm grateful for all of the wonderful books and records that I've devoured in 2019 and I already have plenty of great new stuff for 2020.

And thank you to everyone who has visited this blog, which will celebrate its 15th (!!) year anniversary this May and which already has over 2500 entries! Yowza! Thank you to Nurse Nikki and Freelance Curmudgeon Jw for joining the ranks of the r'n'r rants'n'raves contributors!

Keep checking this out for more new writers, more new bands, and go out and support Vegas's live music scene!