Sunday, January 05, 2020

The Cavemen - Nuke Earth

Saw New Zealand's The Cavemen a couple of nights ago and were knocked out by their super-fun, super agitated live show and picked up this LP to commemorate the eve.

Lots of old school punk rock references throughout but with trashy, low-fi gutter punk sounds, some garage influences, some 70's rock'n'roll and even a little bit of pop melodies here'n'there! The sound is fast'n'furious, sleazy'n' raunchy, but with some catchy hooks, as well. The songs blend right into each other without a split second to catch your breath, a little outta tune, a little sloppy, super-short, but just in the right tawdry r'n'r spirit.

Here we get "Lust For Evil", "Criminal Love", "Janey" (the closest thing to a pop song they have), "Batshit Crazy", "Chernobyl Baby", "7 Day Weekend" (an original, not the Gary US Bonds number, or any other that have used that title), "The Night Jimmy Sevile Died", "Concrete Town", "Don't Wanna Hang", "Gimme Beer of Gimme Death" (riffy and sing-along-y), "Elvis is Alive" (totally appropo when they played here in Vegas), "Thug" (sung by guitarist Jack, with fun call'n'answer chorus) and "Speaking in Tongues" but unfortunately their live hit "I Wanna Do Drugs With You" does not appear!

Nick (bass, keys and Killer Kane-styled jumpsuit) and Jake (drums) are a pretty damn killer rhythm section, Jack is a master of simple trash guitar and Paul provides the proper Iggy/Stiv/Monoman vocals on top of the mayhem. Totally fun, loose'n'wild, outta control punk rock - don't come here looking for tight'n'clean'n'controlled! You absolutely should see them live, and this is a fun souvenir of the show!

I gotta add that the album cover and lyric sheet insert are both throwbacks to cheap-ass, Xerox'd punk rock flier/zine layouts with jaggedly cut photos strewn on town of each other in a semi-haphazard way, giving you a good idea of what is to come inside!